Bambu x1 first layer reddit I use a textured plate with no glue stick on the Bambu Carbon X1 I use 0. I STRONGLY recommend you abandon the PETG for a bit and get a successful first layer with normal PLA so that you can have a reliable start point. . Ok, I took screenshots of my settings, compared to the default Bambu 0. 05mm layer height with the 0. Retraction length: 3mm, speed 30mm/s. . Too tight, idler binding, motor current too low, stepper motor going bad. Never thought MK3 needed a stiffer frame, color screen or a MMU. 24mm draft, 70C bed temperature, 12mm3 volumetric speed, and no cooling for the first 3 layers. oneplus 8t fingerprint not working How does the X1 Carbon with AMS handle two objects on a single build plate, each a single solid color? (e. geico employee reddit 2022 . To get your update if not prompted reboot your printer, wait a couple of minutes. 2 layer height. . . Same thing with the "don't put seam here" option but will force it to anywhere but there, I forget it's name. . tesla rebuild guy 08 Extra Fine profile for the the. ( doh I have the p1p also but just did this on an x1 so that is what I refrenced. It's a bit sketchy, but I used the exact same PEI from Energetic in a smaller format. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit I started hearing this loud grinding sound on my Bambu X1C and am not sure what is causing it. I've been having generally good luck printing all the plastics I've tried in the X1 (PLA, PETG, PC, ASA), but I tried TPU a couple nights ago and had no luck. . . Print temperature: 250c 1st layer, 255 other layers. AMS firmware 00. It seems hit or. github tears of the kingdom . Bambu Lab X1-Carbon Review: Living In The Future. . The grid support was also having issue. r/BambuLab. Core XY with 20000 mm/s² acceleration, Up to 16 multi-color printing, Dual auto bed leveling, 7μm lidar resolution. ago. cat takemichi fanfiction pregnant . . . X1 Carbon is a disappointment. New Firmware Release for Bambu Lab X1 Series. . . No, both Bambu and prusa have strain gages mounting the hotend. Help pls. Using the Bambu glue stick. facebook dating friends reddit 2 layer hight. Amazon basics PETG adhesion and first layer issues (part II), increased the temperature of the first layer to 245C which helped with the adhesion. any ideas? I've changed bed position layer height and everything maybe it's retraction or too much heat? any help would be🤘🤘. I've only had one failed print and this was the reason. Other prints in that time have been fine. wedgewood golf and country club reviews It is puzzling as a Benchy comes out basically. . Pro tip: Don’t use graphite powder to weigh down your prints, P1P blows that stuff everywhere. Looks like printed to fast. Related Articles. From what I read, that should be quite a decent filament. Strangely all the problems seem to come after the first. . Just got the P1P and the first layers looks the same way my first layer on my prusa looks when the nozzle is too close. In fusion 360 I tried generating domes with thickness: 0. long friendship quotes funny I hope Bambu Labs improve this prep time and startup routine significantly over the coming weeks with new firmware. 4mm nozzle/. . 66 (for Ludicrous). As such, when the layer time goes below the specified minimum layer time you set on the "Min fan speed" text box, the printer. Temp 220. bcsdny student portal The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Bachelor Sister Wives 90 Day Fiance Wife Swap The Amazing Race Australia Married at First Sight The Real Housewives of Dallas My 600-lb Life Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. . This and also I changed the order of printing under "Quality" to be Outer first and that actually made a decent difference. ago. If you go into the machine Gcode, search for "textured PEI" and in the Gcode it will establish and offset. For future people stumbling upon this post, it may be because I enabled "First layer inspection" right after starting the print rather than before. best neighborhoods in baltimore to buy a house My understanding of my results is that two layer gap between support interface top and actual part seems to allow reasonably easy removal without the part surface itself sagging. dogs pets Edit: As for why the stock Bambu plates. . This thread is archived. View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit. Google it. As soon as the video from my phone uploads I’ll post it to imagur. You can also 'paint' height and smoothing in that plot with the mouse. thoughts on the bambu lab x1 printer? 31. old lennox ac fuse location https://youtube. . . Thanks! It should be noted that the filament profiles need to be tuned well to achieve. Maintenance. You may have to adjust the cooling fan and slow the speed depending on layer height and type of PC. Heat up your bed and nozzle to a proper printing temperature, retract the filament a bit, and make sure the nozzle is clean (and that no filament is oozing out during the leveling process). TPU is pretty much limited to 2-3 cubic millimeters per second, which means you're not going to get any faster than 25-40 depending on your layer height and nozzle size. Same thing with the "don't put seam here" option but will force it to anywhere but there, I forget it's name. ago. . . 12 mm is the layer height of your choice there is no need to use a smaller nozzle, that will give you no advantage for printing 0. Everything else I have printed has been super fast and great quality I just can't get the supports and other settings correct to have a good quality. lower kratom tolerance 3. ago. . . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I've read that you can disable calibrating at every print, but I cannot find it in Bambu Studio. Got the plate from Francis and it was been so much better. 15mm, layer height 0. 08mm looks to be the smallest layer height you can go with the. This feature also saved another print that had a bit of spaghetti start. 4 letter generator . Make sure you select the most appropriate flair for your post. youth block gen z xl 5 kg filament. Somehow they fucked up the math and it's actually using 90 minus the user-supplied threshold value as the actual threshhold it uses. . . Artillery sidewider X2 always starts the first layer too high. multiple colors per layer) you're going to have to use the AMS. X1C Suddenly failing on the first layer. It is to prevent the first layer from being wider than it should be. tamagotchi uni colors list Having the same problems right now. Printing with just a few sprays of alcohol pla, petg, pa-cf all perfect first layer adhesion. ago. Print Time - 19 Hours. If there was a problem with layer/Z inconstancies, it would around the whole layer. 2 mm layer. global jewellery market As seen this is my top layer currently and that's the bambus calibration file with some text added on. ago. This is with Prusament PETG and stock Bambu Slicer settings for Generic PETG. . . . . I print with 0. . cambridge a level results 2023 pdf You can easily slide a folded paper under a ruler so probably 0. Thoughts on X1 Carbon Combo from a Prusa fanboy. . This is my 2nd X1c my first one prints wonderfully so I havent pulled it off of. The Bambu filaments are out of stock, so I'm trying to get a good alternative working for me. 0 coins. married at first sight chapter 1633 free pdf 1 color per layer - 156gr - 0gr - 5. . Filament settings 2. . OP's analysis: "A patent to print multiple colours each up to a "threshold" height value above previously printed layers (basically a way to minimise filament swapping - similar to how Prusa slicer prints double layers at once for each filament colour, but up to a nominated height threshold). 08mm layer lines and. That's a lot of money for an FDM 3D printer, but for that price, you get reliability, LiDAR automatic bed leveling, an automatic. 25mm line width with 0. The bottom-most layer has 50mm/s speed (very slow). I absolutely love the textured plate, I haven't used anything else since I got it, phenomenal. ford racing 351 cleveland engine for sale craigslist 4 nozzle. The goal is to get a first layer as one single sheet of plastic without separate strings. . I print PETG exclusively using my Voron 2. Crankshaft December 23, 2022,. I have had my X1C for a few months now and have had zero issues printing. . You want to print in green with break away supports. • 6 days ago. . bin 024368 pcn 3207 08mm looks to be the smallest layer height you can go with the. Adhesion is awful, if you dont use the glue stick you can forget about having a succesful print.